This is an exclusive report about the purchase of The Ram’s Head Inn by The Atlantic City Rescue Mission.

The Atlantic City Rescue Mission purchased the iconic Ram’s Head Inn Restaurant and saved it from the wrecking ball just 3 days away from its scheduled demolition in early May, 2023.

The Ram’s Head Inn is a truly legendary establishment that was in operation as a roadhouse during the 1930’s to 1940’s … turned family style (Dutch themed) restaurant through the mid 1970’s … ultimately being owned by Fred and Ethel Noyes and The Knowles Family, who operated the restaurant until it closed in 2019.

Insurmountable issues surrounding the sprinkler and fire suppression systems caused the closing of The Ram’s Head Inn.

There have been many false rumors swirling around Atlantic County, New Jersey since The Atlantic City Rescue Mission decided to make this strategic financial investment in the community.

The purpose of this report is to correct the record and share a lot of accurate information that has not been revealed until now.

We have taken the time and effort to learn the facts, which we will now share to counter the many untruths that have been told and written over the past 4 months.

First, The Atlantic City Rescue Mission shelter is not moving from Atlantic City to Galloway Township, New Jersey on the nearly 4 acres Ram’s Head Inn site.

The Ram’s Head Inn will be properly restored to once again become a functioning restaurant.

We have spoken at length to Dan Brown, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Atlantic City Rescue Mission.

”This is confirmation that the Mission has possession of the Ram’s Head Inn and to assure others we are not moving the shelter nor have any intentions of moving out of Atlantic City,” said Brown in an exclusive interview with me.

The Atlantic City Rescue Mission will celebrate 60 years of service in 2024, which Brown describes as “a crowning achievement for the Atlantic City Rescue Mission, along with the upper administration, staff and Board of Trustees in serving indigents and those in need of our services,” said Brown.

Brown reviewed with us in detail that The Mission has a strategic 5-10 year strategic plan that involves real estate as a key component.

We discussed the significant challenges that they faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, when revenues were down and yet the need for their services had increased dramatically.

We also reviewed that revenue to The Atlantic City Rescue Mission also drops during key election years.

It all created a perfect financial storm and The Atlantic City Rescue Mission turned to a business model, whereby strategic real estate investment became a successful model to manage thorough the ups and downs that organically occur in the traditional one-by-one contribution philosophy.

“The Ram’s Head Inn property fits into our strategic planning to expand our culinary and vocational programs,” said Brown.

”Our programs include culinary & vocational programs; 4 million meals in our commercial kitchen in Atlantic City have been served over the years. We have educated ourselves during the years of ups and downs and historically keep taking care of the indigents during all seasons,” said Brown.

“Historically it is not new to the mission to acquire properties,” said Brown.

“Gracious donors and partners have allowed the mission to acquire properties for different streams of income such as our warehouse in Egg Harbor Township and our Charity Thrift Center in Northfield,” said Brown.

“It is a Great value for the Mission's assets to increase stabilization so the Mission can continue 60 more years. I'm so thankful to those have that have come along side of us. I want to thank other institutions and universities that have come along by our side to support the vision for ACRM's future,” said Brown.

“We would like to thank our constituents of ACRM and to reassure them that their donations are not used for acquisitions … their donations are used and kept at the mission to take care of our population we care for,” said Brown.

Brown envisions the current Ram’s Head Inn project restoration and compares it to the Atlantic City Rescue Mission … “whom we serve as a restoration of people it takes time,” said Brown.

We have also confirmed that the reopening of The Ram’s Head Inn will be in stages.

Brown told us that “ we want to bring the property back to what everybody has loved; the gardens, the water tower and we are thrilled that so many people have written and thanked us for saving such an iconic property three days before it was to be demolished. We are not changing the historical significance what the Rams Head is about,” said Brown.

Here is a look at the iconic water tower that has served as such a distinct and popular roadside marker over the years.

Dan Brown photo.
Dan Brown photo.

Brown confirmed that the former owners are “thrilled and have embraced the vision we had for the Ram’s Head Inn and were very instrumental in bringing this to fruition along with partners and financial institutions,” said Brown.

Additionally, The Ram’s Head Inn location will host the following Atlantic City Rescue Mission functions:

  • hospitality and vocational programs.
  • theatrical component.
  • landscaping and maintenance.

It will be open to all applicants. Overseeing the catering and the operations of the facility will be upper administration management, which will include former Casino executives, along with other surprises that cannot be revealed at this time.

Brown also shared another very important announcement for the very first time:

“We are very proud to announce that this program will be named after Wolfgang Geckeler, who passed away in April of this year and who was very instrumental in our hospitality program at the Mission and the Mission's cookbook,” said Brown.

Geckeler was part of the South Jersey Chef’s Association, Atlantic Cape Community College and Executive Chef at the Showboat Hotel and Casino, along with many other associations.

“We are honored to continue his legacy and his work,” said Brown.

Dan Brown and Wolfgang Geckeler were friends for more than 30 years and worked on various projects together.

Geckeler was scheduled to be a major factor in the new Ram’s Head Inn, until his passing.

”Wolfgang was a great supporter of the Mission and of its programs. We will provide culinary and hospitality training that would benefit those throughout the southern region, we will have other great chefs producing the meals and many other pieces that will reflect a positive and most enjoyable venue again,” said Brown.

Brown confirmed that they already have people inquiring about renewing wedding vows, weddings and private parties that the Rams Head has done through the many decades.

Brown was eternally optimistic … except at one point when we discussed questions that the media has asked and have written prematurely ”that has sparked controversy and is unfortunate and unfair,” said Brown.

“The stories have perceived the Mission to have a hidden agenda, which it does not. We have provided exceptional service for 60 years and will continue to do so.,” said Brown.

“We want the public to have a wonderful dining experience knowing that the donation that they make for their meals is helping people and those who are less fortunate.”

“Even though we have no set time yet for an opening, we will update the information as it comes about. We want you to remember that it takes time to restore an iconic place as the Ram’s Head Inn, just as it takes time to restore people and souls we have cared for 60 years. Patience is rewarded if you are willing to work hard..."Good things come to those who wait,”said Brown.

I purposely waited until now to file my report, because I wanted to gather as much accurate information as possible … so that the public could learn what is really going on here … and, not feed the rumor mill of disinformation that has been swirling.

Now, that we have cut through the clutter of false reporting … you now know the truth about why The Atlantic City Rescue Mission purchased the Ram’s Head Inn and their honorable intentions to return it to it’s original glory.

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