United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew, R-NJ is not opposed to green energy. In fact, he has solar panels and a windmill at his own personal residence in Cape May County, New Jersey.

However, Van Drew is opposed to the massive wind turbine project planned for off of the coast of South Jersey.

Van Drew is not against the concept of wind turbines, it’s the size of this project that he is concerned about.

Van Drew told Newsmax yesterday:

"This is really being done without proper protocol, without really looking into what it's going to do to our
fishing industry, what it's going to do to our tourism
industry, what it's going to do to the environment, said Van Drew.

"Supposedly Democrats are big environmentalists and love the environment, yet this is a real problem for the environment and what it's going to do to the floor of the ocean,” said Van Drew.

Van Drew pointed out that the Statue of Liberty is 300 feet tall. These massive wind turbines are 1000 feet tall.

Van Drew suggested a pilot program to see if it works in a trial area. Instead, the current plan is to cover hundreds of thousands of acres in wind turbines.

“To give you some sense of the height of that, if you look at Lady Liberty, it's only 305 feet. So this is over three times the height of the Statue of Liberty, and that's without the blades included in that height,” said Van Drew.

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Rep. Jeff Van Drew against impeachment Pres. Trump
Rep. Jeff Van Drew, Pres. Trump (Congressman Jeff Van Drew Facebook page/WhiteHouse.gov)

Van Drew also took on today’s Democratic Party, saying:

"This is not your grandfather or father's Democratic
Party. This is a whole new thing that wants to
change the entire fabric of America,” said Van Drew.

Four years ago, in the Oval Office with United States President Donald Trump, Van Drew became The first member of the House of Representatives in American history to switch from the majority party to the minority party.

Van Drew had served as a registered Democrat for almost 30 years before becoming a Republican, declaring that the Democrat party has left him by taking such a radical turn in philosophy of governance.

SOURCE: Newsmax.

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