Our local South Jersey police departments are always looking for ways to better serve their communities, so they gladly accepted a kind donation of electric bikes from AAAA Bike Shop at 5300 Ventnor Ave. in Ventnor.

Monday, police chiefs from South Jersey police departments in Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate, Longport, and Pleasantville came together at the bike shop to accept the donated bikes.

Mike Weisen and his family run a well-respected local business that's been selling and fixing bikes at  AAAA Bike Shop in Ventnor since 1978.

Police chiefs on hand on Monday included Longport Chief Frank Culmone, Chief Williams from the Pleasantville Police, Chief Hankinson of Margate PD, Chief Sarkos from the Atlantic City Police Department, and Chief Fusner of Ventnor PD.

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Nationally, more police departments are realizing that light electric two-wheelers can be a huge advantage compared to typical police cruisers in certain situations.

Electric bikes are more quickly deployable than police cruisers, and their low cost means there can be more of them on the streets in more places. That allows police officers to respond to calls more quickly.

Longport Police Chief Frank Culmone spoke for his department in thanking AAAA Bike Shop for their kind donation.

“On behalf of the Longport Police Department, I would like to thank the Weisen family for their continued support to our law enforcement community."

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