Ventnor Police have announced they plan to conduct a DUI checkpoint this weekend.

Before you give us a hard time for blowing the surprise about the checkpoint or blame the police for telling us about it in the first place, the police are just following the rules established by a US Supreme Court case in 1990.

According to New Jersey's Tormley Law Firm, a firm which represents DUI defendants, the court in that case held that public safety interests allowed the appropriate use of sobriety checkpoints and are not an illegal search and seizure prohibited by the fourth amendment to the United States Constitution if they are conducted properly..

Proper checkpoint set up and arrests include notifying the public of the checkpoint and giving fair field sobriety tests in appropriate conditions and breathalyzer tests on properly calibrated machines.

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So, consider yourself notified. Regardless, some people will still drink and drive and drive right into the DUI checkpoint - guaranteed.

According to a Facebook post, Ventnor Police will hold the DUI checkpoint this Sunday morning from midnight until 5am. Police do not have to tell you on which road they will be conducting the checkpoint. It's best not to drink and drive at all. If you plan to party, use a designated driver and you won't ever have a very expensive problem. estimates that the total cost of a first-offense DUI conviction can cost over $4,000. This does not include any other economic impact, such as the loss of a job, or additional costs such as those associated with having one’s car impounded, the suspension reinstatement fee, or the expense of finding alternate transportation during the suspension period.

Keep in mind that a DUI remains on one’s driving record forever, which means one may never escape the shadow of a first-time DUI conviction.

What Not to Do on a Traffic Stop According to a NJ Cop

My husband is a police officer. He is an amazing man who saves lives and upholds the law. He makes me proud every single day.

I know being a police officer can come with a lot of criticism, especially when there are bad eggs that give police officers a bad name. I can assure you that there are many police officers that uphold the law and do not abuse it, and my husband is one of them.

I hear stories when my husband comes home and he tells me that he encounters some crazy people. I feel like it is very simple to not get arrested by a police officer once you're pulled over or have an encounter with a cop. I went right to my hubby and he gave me some tips to share with all of you.

NJ teachers and educators caught in sex crime busts

Over the past few years, state lawmakers have taken on the challenge of dealing with accused child predators among the ranks of teachers and educators.

In 2018, the so-called “pass the trash” law went into effect, requiring stricter New Jersey school background checks related to child abuse and sexual misconduct.

The follow individuals were arrested over the past several years. Some have been convicted and sentenced to prison, while others have accepted plea deals for probation.

Others cases are still pending, including some court delays amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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