Will the third time be the charm for drinks with dinner in Ventnor restaurants?

After certifying the required number of signatures on a public petition for consideration for a change in the city law, the Ventnor Board of Commissioners have added a ballot question to the November 8 election asking if restaurants should be allowed to serve alcoholic beverages.

Similar attempts to change the city's BYOB-only policy have failed twice before in Ventnor.

According to Shore News Today, a yes vote on the question would allow Ventnor to issue liquor licences at existing or new restaurants or new restaurants. A no vote would in November would keep the present no alcoholic drink sales policy in tact.

Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman said the amount of people asking why the city does not allow the sale of liquor at restaurants has been "overwhelming". "If the public approves it, we will do it", she said.

Any liquor licences would be limited to full service restaurants. No bars or saloons would be allowed.

Ventnor restaurant owners have long felt that not being able to offer alcoholic drinks was hurting their business with competing restaurants in Margate and Atlantic City, which are allowed to serve liquor.

Here is how the ballot question reads:

“Shall the retail sale of all kinds of alcoholic beverages, for consumption on the licensed premises by the glass or other open receptacle pursuant to Chapter One of the Title Intoxicating Liquors of the Revised Statutes (s. 33:1-1 et seq.) be permitted in the City of Ventnor?”

SOURCE: Shore News Today

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