WILDWOOD — Home surveillance and police body cam videos show the moments before, during, and after decks on a residential building collapsed last week, hospitalizing nearly two dozen people.

The collapse happened about 6 p.m. on Baker Avenue during the annual New Jersey Firemen's Convention, which meant many rescuers were close enough to rescue the victims right away.

Among the 21 victims were three children.

Surveillance video shows an upper-floor deck come crashing down while several people sat on the lower deck.

Wildwood's fire chief said the second- and third-story front decks of the seven-unit condo building "suffered a complete pancake-type collapse."

Video from a indoor camera trained on the front door shows a person opening the door after the collapse and finding victims struggling to get free.

6ABC Action News this week broadcast the frantic images from the bodycams of first responders.

The cause of the deck collapse remains under investigation.

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