Two people from South Jersey were found dead in Philadelphia this week and a murder investigation is now underway.

A woman from Vineland and a man from Buena Vista were found brutally murdered inside a car in Philadelphia's Port Richmond neighborhood Tuesday afternoon.

Stephanie Coccaro, 34, and William Dean, 38, were each shot in the head and found inside a black Nissan, according to Philadelphia Police.

According to The Daily Journal, the police report says the murders took place on Monday, but the victims' bodies were found Tuesday afternoon. "There is no particular indication as to why they were in the area".

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The report does not specify when the murders occurred, but notes that Philadelphia Police went to the scene in response o a report of 'a person with a gun on the highway".

Two Go Fund Me pages have been established to cover funeral costs for Stephanie Coccaro, who was the mother of a son named Christian.

The emotional trauma of her loss, leaves us reeling with the reality of how to say goodbye, without the financial means to absorb the high cost of a funeral. Stephanie's greatest love of all was her son Christian. Stephanie dedicated her life to housing, nurturing and saving those animals and people that were abused and or abandon. Stephanie the kind, beautiful, amazing, person that would give her last for her friends and family, deserves to be honored by those that loved and adored her.

One of the Go Fund Me campaigns was started by Coccaro's co-worker at Olive Garden in Vineland.

She was a great mother, sister, friend and all around good person. As a co-worker I could always count on her being a team player for our restaurant, helping things run smoothly, lifting our spirits and talking about something she was passionate about. She is deeply missed by everyone.

There was little additional information immediately available about William Dean, who live in the 200 block of Greenbrier Avenue in Richland.

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