Sea Turtle Recovery released four turtles in Point Pleasant Beach Wednesday morning.

One of those turtles was a 250 pound loggerhead sea turtle named Tammie. She was found with five cuts from propellers, which were infected. 38 pounds of barnacles and mussels were removed. One of the other turtles was Glacier, a Kemp's Ridley sea turtle, who had a fractured ulna and radius.

Sea Turtle Recovery scheduled the release of the four turtles for today (Sept. 5) and things got started shortly after 7:30 AM with a large crowd cheering on the previously injured/ill turtles.

For the three smaller turtles, the rescuers walked them down the lines of people to give everyone a closer look. For Tammie, however, it took six people and some ingenuity to move her closer to the water.

Learn more about what Sea Turtle Recovery does here.

Watch the sea turtle release here:

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