Everything in American society is now political.

I challenge you to find one thing that’s not.

Here’s the latest case in point.

Yes, The American flag has strayed from its original meaning for many in the country and has become a political symbol that divides people in the United States, that according to The New York Times in a report published yesterday.

How did this happen?

The original flag’s design at its 1777 inception symbolized unity.

It literally joined the 13 original colonies.

Our current American Flag has one star for each of the 50 states.

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Again, this has always been meant to be inclusive … not exclusive.

It’s E Pluribus Unum — from many, one, citing the Latin motto on the Great Seal of the United States.

The question must be asked “If the pluribus overwhelms the unum, then what do we have left?”

Here is some more interesting data on this subject.

Approximately 70% of Americans say the flag makes them feel proud, according to recent YouGov survey, however, while 66% of Republicans said they associated the flag with their own party, only 34% of Democrats said the same.

Again, we are The Divided States of America!

Even our flag is perceived through the partisan prism of supreme politics.

It is now being said that if you drive through neighborhoods throughout America if you see a flag pole, or, a flag flying … It is likely to be a Republican household.

With America’s Independence, now 245 years old, how sad is this?

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