We call those elongated sandwiches that are overflowing with all kinds of meats and cheeses "hoagies" in South Jersey, right?

Not so fast.

I recently blogged about my biggest pet peeve at Wawa where I talked about people who leave their cars while getting gas to run inside to grab a hoagie. That simple comment sparked an entirely different debate -- is it a "hoagie" or a "sub?"

In a state where terminology is key -- pork roll vs. Taylor Ham, "to the beach" or "down the shore," or waiting "in line" vs. "on line" -- a simple sandwich can be a humorously divisive item, too.

It seems like maybe the western side of South Jersey (closest to Philadelphia) is in the "hoagie" camp while the closer you get to Atlantic City you become more of a "sub" person?

For example, around eastern Atlantic County you have Vic's Subs in Absecon, White House Subs in Atlantic City, Sugar Hill Subs in Mays Landing, Atlantic City Sub Shops in EHT, Pete's Subs in EHT, and several Sack O' Subs around our area.

Meanwhile on the other side of the state, hoagies abound -- heck, you can even get a deep fried hoagie (called a "zoagie") in Salem County.

So, what say you? Are you Team Sub or Team Hoagie? Cast your vote in our very informal poll below...

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