During the wonderful performance of the Nation Anthem at the Super Bowl by Demi Lovato, husband and wife singers Jay-Z and Beyonce choose to sit.

They chose not to stand and honor our great country.

They chose not to honor our great country, minutes after a handful of 100-year-old veterans who served our nation were honored on the field.

They chose not to stand as millions around the world tuned in to see an AMERICAN tradition - the Super Bowl.

They chose to not stand at the NFL's Super Bowl, even though Jay-Z has a deal with the NFL to produce entertainment events, including the halftime entertainment at the Super Bowl.

Yes, this is America and everyone has rights. I get that. I just don't get the lack of respect.

OK, yes, we currently don't play any music by Jay-Z or Beyonce. We're a talk station. So, what's the ban about?

Well, it's about principle. Like standing for the National Anthem.

May God Bless America.

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