Governor Murphy outlined his agenda for 2019 which included marijuana legalization and a 15 dollar an hour minimum wage among other things. All well and good for Governor Murphy, but what exactly do we the people of New Jersey want? When I asked, an overwhelming amount replied "resign," but here are some of the other requests that came in:

Justin Morris: Fixing roads would be a good start

Chris Eastburn: Continue Supporting Unions

Ralph Sanders: Take His Farkin hands out of my pockets and abide by the constitution he pledged to follow.

Adam Scott: I'd like him to deliver a self-funded space program by him where he can watch himself into outer space one way and stay there

Tim Hayes: Illegally enter another country.

Stephen Suder: Fixed the roads so he has a smooth ride out of Trenton.

David Hoeffel: Fix the roads, legalize pot, and lose the three-piece-suit-with-airbirds look. C’mon man...

John Tarricone: Pot & Potholes

Bob Chew: Get some guts and start doing things for the taxpayer and voter. Such as, eliminate corruption in politics in NJ. No more raising taxes. The gas tax is 41.5 cents per gallon. That is a crime. We have the 5th highest gas tax in the United States. Put money into the Public Retirement system. Stop worrying about the 2nd Amendment and get tougher on crime. Give undocumented aliens the chance to get into our country and come to an agreement with the federal government on this issue as long as they come in the right way. Start putting NJ residents first !!!

Sammy Pepper: Once or twice a month, rotate in all 21 Counties, (a different county each month) Hold a 1-2 hour press conference and also allow the public from that county to ask questions....Live TV & Radio would be Gold Jerry, Gold......and get Super Bowl/Fugitive/ Dallas/ Mash TV ratings ......get the NJ Casinos to sponsor the time "slots".....

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