President Trump will be holding a rally in Wildwood on Jan 28. If you're looking for tickets click here. Imagine you go and by some twist of fate are able to cross paths with the Commander in Chief -- what would you say?

Here's some of what my Facebook and Twitter followers chimed in with...

Jason Allentoff: "I really liked your buffet at the Taj. Any chance of buying it back?"

Stephen Siegel: "Great job thank you."

Eric Jensen: "Take a long walk off of a short pier!

Carol Bremme: "Finish cleaning the swamp."

Tommy Howell: "'Thank you. Keep America great, bud!!!' And then buy him lunch :) (I know he doesn't drink)."

Ron Cori: "Fabulous job."

Garth H. Raymond: "Thank you for being the President we can be proud of again."

Dennis Hannan: "Resign."

Bob Schnier: "'I would say That CHUMP and Trev are two of the lowest IQ people on the face of the earth.' Then i would kick him in the balls. Oh, that's right he doesn't have any balls, he is a THREE TIME DRAFT DODGER."

Richard John Ryder: "Thank Jesus for sending you."

David Hoeffel: "'Watch the tram car please'...or maybe push him in front of it?"

Tina Louise Cook: "4 more years Mr. President."

Adelina Petretta: "TRUMP 2020."

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