This Bobby Schilling photo is magnificent and he has fond memories from his own childhood when, “every month I would ride my bike from the Inlet down to Kentucky and Pacific Avenue to pay the Electric Bill! So Much Fun!” said Schilling.

The featured photo above was from long ago when the Atlantic City Electric Company business office was located on Kentucky and Pacific Avenues in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

It looks majestic and well lit just as an electric power company should look.

For the Atlantic City Electric Company in Atlantic City, it all started in 1886 when the Electric Light Company of Atlantic City was founded.

Atlantic City was in the process of becoming a prosperous resort … an escape from urban America, where people could come to work, live, relax and enjoy beach living.

The Electric Light Company of Atlantic City’s infrastructure consisted of two generators from Thomas Edison's new manufacturing company.

This enabled them to provide electricity from dusk until 1:00 a.m., at a cost of approximately 25 cents per-kilowatt-hour.

There was a time in Atlantic City that every viable business wanted to have a presence in Atlantic City. In fact, they had to have a presence in Atlantic City to be considered a major player.

This continued for generations. For example, major law firms had their main offices located in Atlantic City.

Then, sadly there was a mass exodus of businesses fleeing Atlantic City. This continued for a number of years.

It is encouraging to see the world class Stockton University Atlantic City campus come of age, along with nearby South Jersey Industries back in Atlantic City.

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