Atlantic County, New Jersey Republican Chairman Don Purdy is demanding a criminal investigation into the Atlantic County Board of Elections handling of Primary Election ballots.

Purdy is citing N.J.S.A. 19:63-22, ballots are not to be opened until five days before the election, which would be May 30, 2024 for this primary election.

Why is the Democrat-appointed Board of Elections Clerk instructing employees to illegally open ballots before the statutory date? questioned Chairman Purdy. Over 2,700 ballots were opened according to Board staff, was this at the direction of Democrat Chairman Michael Suleiman? Is Suleiman attempting to manipulate the outcome of a specific race? Said Purdy.

This is not just an aggressive political comment by Purdy. He is alleging potential criminal conduct.

Purdy is asking his Democrat counterpart, Michael Suleiman to remove the current Democrat election clerk from his position.

We have confirmed that Purdy has contacted the Attorney General's Office and Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office, requesting that they look into this matter.

”The Board of Elections Clerk in question has been the subject of multiple investigations and has caused high turnover rates at the Board of Elections due to a hostile work environment he creates,” according to Purdy.

Purdy emphasized ”the need for a nonpartisan official to oversee the Board of Elections and address ongoing issues. Voters deserve transparency and accountability, I trust that the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office will conduct a thorough investigation and provide the necessary answers to restore faith in the voting system,” said Purdy.

”These actions are vital in addressing concerns and maintaining public trust in the integrity of the voting process. This is why there is a growing skepticism among the American people regarding the vote-by-mail system,” concluded Purdy.

SOURCE: Don Purdy, Atlantic County Republican Party Chairman.

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