Atlantic City, New Jersey Fire Department Chief Scott Evans has received national recognition from GovTech Magazine.

Evans also serves as Coordinator of the department of Emergency Management for Atlantic Citt.

Evans is included in the 2024 “Top 25 Doers, Dreamers & Drivers” list, which features influential leaders in state and local government.

Here is how GovTech Magazine describes Evans’ award.

Evans has made significant contributions to public safety and emergency management in Atlantic City, New Jersey. His use of technology has improved efforts to save lives. One key initiative under his leadership is the use of drones. These drones help monitor the city's beaches, detect rip tides, and spot sharks. This technology is particularly important for enhancing safety when lifeguards are not present, said GovTech Magazine.

"We definitely embrace technology, being able to gather intelligence quicker, being able to utilize and maintain situational awareness as soon as possible. We're not a big city so leveraging those resources that can give us intelligence is worthwhile,” said Evans.

Not mentioned in Evans’ award coverage is that he is also a former Mayor of Atlantic City.

The full GovTech article on Chief Scott Evans’ recognition can be found here.

SOURCE: GovTech Magazine.

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