It's finally every resident's favorite time of year here: local summer! If you live at the beach or in any of the coastal towns that border the New Jersey beaches, you're more than ready for your time to enjoy the sun and the sand WITHOUT all the tourists.

Now that the shoobies (or bennies, depending on where in NJ you're from) are finally gone, you get to enjoy the beach with that special plus-one: your dog!

Pretty soon, you'll one again enjoy the priviledge of walking your pups up and down the sand of your favorite beach here in the Garden State. There are some beaches, like Brigantine's north beach, and the North Wildwood beaches, that dogs are welcome all year round. That also includes Malibu Beach in Longport.

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So, when will you legally be allowed to bring Fido along on your beach day trips? Ocean City will allow dogs on all beaches starting on October 1st through April 30th. Wildwood follows the same timeline. In fact, most of South Jersey's beaches allow dogs from October until May.

Dogs are allowed on the Wildwood dog beach located on the sand between both Glenwood and Maple Avenues. If you've never taken your dog before, now's the absolute BEST time to do it. For one, all the tourists are gone along with their pets. Secondly, it's still warm enough outside for both you AND your pup to enjoy fun in the sun.

Everything you need to know about what which beaches are dog-friendly can be found HERE. Enjoy your beach days with your pup!


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