It was the Democratic and Republican stronghold counties that gave each party's nominee their decisive victories Tuesday night.

Republican Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno and millionaire Democrat Phil Murphy each won their party's nominations in landslides over their competitors.

In what could be a sign of what's to come in November, more Democrats voted than Republicans. Murphy's unofficial vote total Tuesday was nearly 230,000, dwarfing the 109,000 that Guadagno received.

But the fact that registered Democrats have outnumbered Republicans for years in New Jersey doesn't mean a GOP candidate doesn't stand a chance, as evidence by Gov. Chris Christie's two terms. Many more voters are not affiliated with any party and don't participate in the June primaries.

GOP primary

Yellow = Ciattarelli wins
Red = Guadagno wins
Bolder colors indicate greater margins of victory. Click on a county to see details.


Guadagno won all but seven counties. Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli won Hunterdon, Essex, Burlington, Union, Gloucester, Salem and his home county of Somerset.

Guadagno's best counties in terms of total votes:

  • Ocean – 17,966
  • Monmouth – 12,741
  • Bergen — 11,482

Her biggest leads:

  • Passaic by 41 points
  • Ocean and Cape May by 40 points
  • Monmouth by 37 points

Murphy sweeps

The darker the blue, the greater the margin of victory for Murphy. Click on a county to see details.

On the Democratic side, Murphy won all counties except Salem, which unofficial results had him losing to Assemblyman John Wisniewski by three votes. The Wiz came in second in 15 counties, including his home base of Middlesex, where he got 26.5 percent of the vote to Murphy’s 42.7.

Murphy racked up 34,647 voted in Essex, another 31,232 in Hudson ad 20,400 in Middlesex.

His biggest margin of victory was in Hudson, clobbering Jim Johnson by 45 points.

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