The pipe organ in the main auditorium of the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City is the largest organ in the world. What makes it the largest organ in the world? The number of pipes determine the size.

The pipe organ at boardwalk hall has an astounding 33,112 pipes. Because the auditorium is so large the organ runs on much higher wind pressure than most organs in order to fill the cavernous auditorium.

The big pipe organ took three years to build. They started building it in May of 1929 and completed it in December of 1932. Originally the organ was to house an amazing 43,000 pipes and cost $300,000 to build. The costs exceeded their healthy budget and the number of pipes had to be reduced because of the lack of space. The final cost for building the massive organ was $350,000 which is close to $600,000 in today's money.

There was significant damage to the pipe organ in 1944 when a hurricane flooded the Boardwalk Hall causing major damage to the blowers. The organ wasn't operating at full strength until September of 1998 when a grant of $1.17 million brought the pipe organ back into playable condition.

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Restoration and maintenance continue yearly to keep it in good operating condition. The organ has been used in recording sessions and as a matter of fact, organist Marvin Mills live-streamed a concert playing the giant organ on YouTube which we've included below.

Get down to Atlantic City and check out the world's biggest organ. It's impressive and it's right here in New Jersey. Of course!

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