I'll be honest. Mine was at the bottom of my driveway the other day, next to my mailbox. It never made it into the house. I opened the garage and dropped it straight into the recycling container.

Why is there still a phone book?

Verizon has just released its 2018 version of the Yellow Pages: "The Real Yellow Pages."

I'm not certain, but I don't think there is a White Pages anymore....

Anyway, who still uses the phone book? I asked that question on Facebook and the overwhelming response was that most of us don't use it. (Over 90% said they don't use it.)

This is 2018 and all of us pretty much have a Yellow Pages in our hand or pocket, as part of our smart phone.

Yellow Pages use to be good for looking up type of businesses in our area - but, we have Google! Who needs a big bulky (well, now, little tiny) book?

Here are some responses of people on Facebook who were asked if they used the phone book in the last year:

What's even more weird than having a Yellow Pages? The fact that so many local businesses are STILL paying money to advertise in the book!

Come on, wake up business owners! You're throwing money away! It's 2018!