A new contender is looking to be added to the age-old debate of who's got the best pizza on the boardwalk.

Kono Pizza will soon make its mark on South Jersey with the opening of its newest location on the Wildwood boards.

What exactly can you expect from Kono Pizza? Pizza in a cone.

Each cone is about the same amount of food as two slices of pizza.

How does it work? You'll tell your server what toppings you'd like and they all go right in the cone. The cone then goes in the oven to bake and, voilà, your personalized pizza cone. Check it out:

They're not just putting pizza in their cones, but every meal. Desserts, too. Does that mean we can expect ice cream from Kono Pizza? It sounds more like baked goods but in cone-form.

According to their Facebook page, Kono Pizza intends to open before 4th of July weekend.

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