On Wednesday, March 6, 2024, at 10:00 a.m., New Jersey Superior Court Judge Michael Blee will hold a hearing to decide if he is willing to actually reopen the results of a certified election?

The election in question is the June, 2024 Primary Election in the Atlantic City, New Jersey’s 2nd Ward Council seat, currently held by LaToya Dunston.

Dunston survived in a very close election … whereby she defeated challenger Viana Bailey by 6 votes.

In Atlantic City’s 2nd Ward … The winner of the Democratic primary is basically the winner of the general election. It’s that important.

Bailey was enthusiastically supported by Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small, before, during and after the election.

Small led an effort along with Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Michael Suleiman to award the favorable Regular Democratic ballot column to Bailey … despite the fact that Dunston is the incumbent.

Small also procured Bailey’s attorney after she lost to Dunston. Small attended every court challenge.

The matter was resolved in Judge Blee’s courtroom and Dunston was declared the certified winner.

Following Craig Callaway being federally charged for certain election activities … Blee decided that he would take another look at the Dunston vs. Bailey election.

Blee announced that the matter will be re-opened on a very narrow basis.

Allegedly no new evidence, or, trying to find additional votes will be allowed.

Supposedly, Blee will only take another look at existing evidence.

According to Dunston … Bailey’s attorney (to date) in this matter has a City of Atlantic City legal contract … which has raised questions as to why Judge Blee did not find that the attorney possesses a conflict of interest?

SOURCE: Interviews with LaToya Dunston, George Tibbitt & Craig Callaway.

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