We broke the news in the early evening of Wednesday, January 17, 2024, that the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office has served multiple subpoenas to Atlantic City Hall requesting certain records.

My phone has not stopped ringing since we published the breaking news report.

We remain the only media organization that has corroborated the serving of the subpoenas.

This news has sent multiple members of the Atlantic City Council into a search for the truth about exactly what is going on at Atlantic City Hall.

For example, Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small apparently created a new re-entry department on his own, without City Council input or ultimate approval.

Subpoenas served to Atlantic City Hall recently, cover two of the employees hired for this alleged new department.

From a government standpoint, Atlantic City is built upon a weak mayor - strong city council firm of government.

The mayor is permitted to propose; while city council is empowered to dispose.

There is very little real power assigned to the mayor. The New Jersey State Legislature gave the real power to city council.

The perception is that the mayor stirs the drink. The exact opposite is true. The mayor serves the drink … which is good, honorable work.

But, it is City Council that has the real power.

This is presently complicated because of the fact that the state of New Jersey has total control of both the City of Atlantic City public operations and the Atlantic City Board of Education.

For many decades, the Atlantic City Council has voluntarily placed itself subservient to the mayor. It’s mystifying why they continue to do this?

At the same time, the state of New Jersey appears to have tired of the antics of Marty Small.


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