FRANKLIN BOROUGH — Police say a woman has been scamming people for thousands of dollars worth of fake NFL tickets — and she's still out there.

Borough police said Alicia Pallozzi took $1,600 in cash for tickets from a resident in exchange for tickets to an event at MetLife Stadium. Pallozzi never came through with the tickets that she had claimed were available through her husband's employer, the Institute of Culinary Education, according to police.

Police said that her husband was not employed by the Institute and if he were, an employee would not have the authority to sell their tickets.

During their investigation, police said several other people came forward claiming to have been scammed by Pallozzi for tickets for amounts ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

Police have issued a warrant for her arrest on charges of theft by deception.

Pallozzi has several aliases, including Alicia Kurtyka and Alicia Kaegi, according to police, who said she is driving a silver Chevy Traverse with New Jersey license plates.

She is believed to be in Maryland visiting family. She has also been known to spend time in Milford, Pennsylvania.

Police asked anyone who has had a similar experience with Pallozzi to call them at 973-827-7700.

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