Stop me if this sounds familiar to you. You are in the Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport waiting for the departure of your fight home when a voice comes on the speaker system and says, "Attention Spirit Airlines passengers, your fight has been delayed..."

Yeah, I've been there, too.

But, what happened after the announcement of a delay on a Spirit flight Tuesday night from Ft .Lauderdale to Philly was still way out of control.

Three Spirit employees were injured during an attack by three women upset about the delay, and it was all caught on cellphone video. The women can be seen hurling items at the workers before going behind the counter and attacking at least one of the employees.

According to Broward Sheriff’s Office arrest reports, the three women hit the airplane employees, “with miscellaneous items, such as phones, shoes, full water bottles, metal boarding signs and fast food.”

The three unhappy traveling ladies, all of Philadelphia, were arrested on battery charges in connection with the melee.

According to a local Ft. Lauderdale news report, the women said they were just trying to get back home to Philadelphia. We figured that much.

Here's cellphone video of Tuesday's passenger meltdown...



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