Voting poll employees in New Jersey are officially approved for a bump in pay.

The state hopes the $100 increase in compensation will entice more people to want to work on Election Day.

A bill, reportedly supported by both Republicans and Democrats in the Garden State, was signed into law last week by Gov. Murphy.

It takes daily compensation for polling workers in primary, general, and special election days from $200 to $300, reports.

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The bill also boosts the maximum hourly rate for poll employees in lower-profile elections by more than $7, from $14.29 to $21.43/hour.

In a statement, Gov. Murphy said, "I am proud to sign legislation that will repay [election workers] for their commitment to ensuring that our elections process remains a model for the nation."

Research has shown, in recent years, New Jersey has had a rougher staffing polling venues on Election Day, according to

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