The United States Supreme Court previously determined that the right to carry a concealed weapon could not be infringed by the states … as some had been doing for many years

This didn’t stop Democrat-controlled states like New Jersey from trying to restrict this Constitutionally provided right to hear arms … even the Supreme Court decision.

New York State and others have tried to do the same thing and have failed to restrict the right.

The New Jersey Legislature and Governor Murphy approved various restrictions in New Jersey.

Ronald Koons and other plaintiffs promptly filed suit in federal court against the state of New Jersey and others involved parties to stop the restrictive New Jersey law in its tracks.

We have obtained a copy of United States District Court Judge Renée Marie Bumb’s decision.

Here it is … you will note that the document appears to indicate that Atlantic County Prosecutor Will Reynolds is the only defendant. He is merely the first one listed because of his position as the chief law enforcement official in Atlantic County, New Jersey.


If past is prologue, you can expect the state of New Jersey will go to the mat to pursue the restitution of the restrictions that they had recently legislatively imposed.

That’s an easy call, as the Democrat majority in New Jersey has always been in favor of restricting gun rights.

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However, for now, the recent New Jersey legislation which restricted the right to conceal carry has been stopped.

We have not had the opportunity to interview Reynolds on this topic, but, we have independently confirmed that Reynolds was electronically served with the lawsuit on Christmas Day. The order date is January 9, 2023 and service of the order was also on January 9, 2023.


SOURCE: United States District Court Judge Renée Marie Bumb’s decision.

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