I long ago personally endorsed Jack Ciatterelli to succeed Phil Murphy as Governor of New Jersey.

I rarely endorse any candidates, because most are not worth it.

Ciatterelli is.

Here’s why:

Jack Ciaterelli is a successful businessman, who spent years signing the front of payroll checks for others.

Most other candidates have spent a lifetime signing the back of checks, written by others.

Ciatterelli knows exactly how every onerous law and tax directly affects both the wage earners and the job creators.

New Jersey is the most densely populated state in America, with more than 9 million people, spread out over 21 uniquely different Counties.

New Jersey is also a state that makes you earn it … before they will give you election victory.

Most every candidate has to lose state-wide at least once, before New Jerseyans will give them the privilege of electing them.

Just ask Tom Kean, Jim Florio (God rest his soul), Christie Whitman, Chris Christie and Jim McGreevey.

Each narrowly lost New Jersey elections, only to win the next time out.

They effectively paid their required New Jersey voter dues and were rewarded for demonstrating that they have what it takes to win throughout The Garden State.

A marginal challenger recently criticized Ciattarelli for losing in the past. That is very flawed logic.

Ciatterelli’s narrow loss to the incumbent New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy in 2021 planted Ciatterelli’s flag as the deserving heir apparent for 2025.

Ciatterelli is also the hardest-working candidate that I have ever covered during my 32-year broadcasting career.

Ciatterelli also does something that most all other candidates never do … Ciatterelli works just as hard for other candidates (when Ciatterelli) is not running), as Ciatterelli does when he is running.

Ciatterelli has banked a whole lot of earned loyalty from New Jersey’s 21 Counties.

Ciatterelli will earn his way to the most regular Republican Party column ballots in the June, 2025 Primary Election.

Ciatterelli also has “long coattails.” When Ciattarelli was the Republican nominee for Governor in 2021, Republicans had one of their best election results for legislative candidates in New Jersey history.

Ciatterelli wants to be a bold Governor, who is not afraid to both tackle and solve big problems.

For example, Ciatterelli wants to make the school funding formula fair in New Jersey. It is currently a hot mess.

The school purpose tax presently amounts to more than 65% of all local purpose taxes. This is blatantly unfair and it is unsustainable.

Ciatterelli wants to freeze property taxes for New Jersey residents once they reach 70 years old. This would be a life-changing event for these taxpayers.

In many cases, it will be the reason why our seasoned citizens will be able to remain in their homes for the rest of their lives. You can’t overstate the importance of this.

Ciatterelli wants to make New Jersey affordable, so that people who want to stay are not forced to leave because they can no longer afford to live in New Jersey.

Ciatterelli is also a very quick study and he is able to grasp the many important issues facing the lives of the hard-working citizens of New Jersey.

No one will ever outwork Jack Ciatterelli, who said during his 2021 campaign that he “goes up and down the state eight days a week”

Ciattarelli seems to never miss a notable event.

We have reached a critical tipping point in New Jersey history.

I am absolutely convinced that Jack Ciatterelli is the right man, at the right time, to effectively do the job as New Jersey’s next Chief Executive Officer.

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