My October 30, 2023 annual “Crystal Ball” predictions for the Atlantic County, New Jersey elections turned out to be exactly right.

Republicans won each and every state and county level race.

If you missed my article, here is a link to catch-up.

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It was one of the dirtiest and shady campaigns in Atlantic County, New Jersey history.

Atlantic County Republican Party Chairman Don Purdy confirmed yesterday on-air with us that the so-called “Jersey Freedom” Super Political Action Committee, based out Jamaica, New York has spent $ 2 1/2 million during this General Election campaign.

These kinds of shadowy, shady PAC’s typically do a poor job with reporting their expenditures during the campaign … so, the eventual spending by this group will likely exceed $ 3 million when all is said and done.

The actions by this PAC were so bad that a New Jersey Superior Court Judge ordered the PAC to stop spending money in this election cycle.

However, they must have prepaid their television and print collateral advertisements in advance … because their market saturation level advertising continued unaffected through yesterday’s election.

In New Jersey’s District 2, all of the shady, outside money was spent on attacking incumbent Senator Vince Polistina and promoting Shawn Peck, a Libertarian candidate who had previously left the race and he endorsed Polistina for re-election.

During on-air interviews with Polistina during this filthy dirty election season, Polistina expressed his disappointment that the Atlantic County Democrat candidates, Caren Fitzpatrick, Eric Scheffler and Hector Tavarez never denounced the outside interests, who infected Atlantic County with these unscrupulous tactics.

Fitzpatrick, a current Atlantic County Commissioner, Atlantic County Sheriff Eric Scheffler and Tavarez all lost yesterday.

Fitzpatrick will leave office when her current term expires on December 31, 2023 and the same for Scheffler, who was soundly defeated by challenger Joe O’Donoghue, who will become the new Atlantic County Sheriff of Atlantic County on January 1, 2023.

Here are yesterday’s winners:

  • New Jersey Senator Vince Polistina
  • New Jersey Assemblywoman Claire Swift
  • New Jersey Assemblyman Don Guardian
  • Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson
  • Atlantic County Sheriff Joe O’Donoghue
  • Atlantic County Commissioner John Risley
  • Atlantic County Commissioner June Byrnes
  • Atlantic County Commissioner Andrew Parker

It is my hope that the outside interests, who have been infecting Atlantic County since taking down former Assemblyman Kirk Conover in 2005 … with a shock and awe multi-million dollar those-negative advertising blitz … leave Atlantic County’s District 2 now that they see that their hefty financial investment failed to deliver even one victory in this election cycle.

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