Anyone who's been to Cape May knows that there's a significant amount of history sprinkled around the town.

From the World War II bunkers at Cape May Point State Park to the mysterious 'railroad tracks to nowhere' buried under Sunset beach, there's beauty in just about every local artifact. If you ever passed by the old church on Franklin Street, just wait until you see what it looks like inside!

Located in the heart of Cape May County, the Franklin Street Church was built in 1879 and originally served as the First Baptist Church until 1916. Then, it was converted to a Methodist Church which operated into the early 21st century.

Yet in 2006, Cape May Designer Show House remodeled the old Gothic Revival church into three modern condominiums! Unfortunately, the church's steeple was unable to be preserved after it was damaged during a storm in the 20th century. Each condo unit has cathedral ceilings, a hot tub, multiple baths and bedrooms, plus a full kitchen!

Anyone can book a vacation here in the heart of Cape May. Restaurants, docks, beaches, wildlife, and shopping centers are all within walking, biking, and boating distance. Water sports, horseback riding, and golfing are nearby. Tourists can travel around Cape May exploring more 18th and 19th century historic buildings that have remained since the first European settlers.

Wanna try and book a stay? Check out the church condos here and here to view the impressive architecture and design, and perhaps schedule a vacation for next summer! You'll probably feel like you're living in a castle!


This blog was written by Lisa Capasso, an intern at Townsquare Media South Jersey.

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