In the wake of the creepy clown attacks that have been terrifying American citizens in a number of states, some can’t help but think, will it get worse on Halloween night?

What started as a sick joke is now actually getting a lot more serious. There have been reports of clowns physically attacking and even stabbing people. The horrific trend first started with clowns luring kids into the woods with candy or money, but there were no reports of kids being harmed. However, now that these clowns have increased their violence, it’s only right to ensure our kids safety on October 31st. From costume safety to traffic safety, here are ten ways to find out how to keep your kids safe on Halloween Night.

  • 1

    Trick or Treat With Your Child

    One of the most important rules on Halloween night is adult supervision to those under the age of 12. Trick or Treating with your child ensures their safety and allows you to be in charge of your child’s whereabouts that night. If your kid is 12-years-old or older it is important for him/her to stay in a familiar area that is well lit and to Trick or Treat in a group.

  • 2

    Make Costumes Visible at Night

    Try decorating your child’s costume with reflective tape or stickers. This way your child will be visible to cars at night when crossing the street.


  • 3

    No Masks

    With the creepy clowns running around wreaking havoc, it may be a smart choice not to wear a mask this Halloween season. Choose face paint or makeup as another alternative instead of masks, which can also hinder your child’s vision.


  • 4

    Pick The Right Size

    When buying a costume, make sure that you’ve chosen the right size to prevent your child from tripping or falling. No one wants an injury on the funnest night of the year!


  • 5

    If You Are Driving

    Remember that trick-or-treating  hours are usually 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., so make sure keep watch for kids during those times.

  • 6

    Avoid Sharp Props

    Avoid props that are sharp and pointy. Kids will be full of life on this night and we wouldn’t want them to get injured by a costume prop, when that can be easily avoided. Try buying props that have soft edges and a flexible bend when pushed.

  • 7

    Weather Appropriate Costumes

    Keep track of the weather forecast that night. This way your child will be properly dressed for whatever the weather decides to do. Remember it’ll mid fall and the weather can be unpredictable.

  • 8

    Establish A Halloween Curfew

    Everyone dresses up to scare for Halloween, but there are some people who take that literally.  If you have older children it is important to know exactly what houses or neighborhoods they are visiting and to establish a time to return home after trick-or-treating. This way you’ll have an idea of your kid’s whereabouts and you can step in when someone decides to go too far with a “Halloween Prank.”

  • 9

    Do Not Enter Homes

    Make sure your children understand to never EVER enter someone’s home while trick-or-treating. Even if it is a friend of the family or relative, it is best for the child to be accompanied by an adult.

  • 10

    Walkie-Talkie for safety

    For kids who do not yet have a cell phone, invest in a walkie talkie for you and your child on Halloween night. If your child is younger and goes out with another family or ends somehow gets separated from you, you can stay in contact with them.