We often take fast food restaurants for granted in New Jersey.

You can (usually) get in and out very quickly, the food is relatively cheap (keyword: "relative"), and they're on practically every corner everywhere you drive.

But just like every other restaurant in the state, they have to be profitable to survive — and there are no guarantees, even with big names like McDonald's and Taco Bell.

We decided to take a trip back in time to take a look at some fast-food restaurants across South Jersey that have faded into history over the years.

Outline of the former Checkers logo on a sign in Williamstown NJ - Photo: Chris Coleman
Outline of the former Checkers logo on a sign in Williamstown NJ - Photo: Chris Coleman

As you go through our list below, each one seems like it should have been a guaranteed money maker.

Some were near college campuses with thousands of kids looking for cheap eats, some were down the shore where thousands of vacationers drove by every day, and others were right in your backyard.

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Former McDonalds North Wildwood NJ, Former Taco Bell Turnersville NJ, Former Denny's Turnersville NJ, Former KFC Glassboro NJ, Former KFC Turnersville NJ, Former Arby's Absecon NJ, Former Sonic Manahawkin NJ, Former Wendy's Hammonton NJ, Former Checkers Williamstown NJ, Former Dunkin Donuts Pleasantville NJ, Former Old Country Buffet Mays Landing NJ. old fast food restaurants in Southern New Jersey

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