HAMPTON BOROUGH — The latest animal hoarding case involves 200 (make that 300) rabbits found in deplorable conditions at a Hunterdon County home.

Officials also found several guinea pigs and a calf locked up in the home's basement.

Enforcement officials from the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals responded Friday to the Blackbrook Road home after receiving a tip through their animal cruelty hotline.

Officials found about a hundred rabbits inside the home and another hundred outside stuffed "in cages full of feces," the NJSPCA initially said Friday. The rabbit count eventually topped 300 by early evening.

NJSPCA was taking the animals into their possession.

It wasn't immediately clear Friday afternoon whether any charges would be filed.

A couple in Howell were slapped with 550 counts of animal cruelty in June after more than 276 dogs were confiscated from the deplorable conditions of their house.

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