Among the better-received plans in Gov. Phil Murphy's proposed FY2019-2020 budget -- $206 million more for education funds after already boosting school aid by $350 million last year.

That includes $68 million to maintain and expand pre-kindergarten.

But not all districts would benefit, according to figures Murphy's administration released Friday without further explanation. The information released by Murphy's office doesn't specify how aid figures were determined.

The upshot: Almost 370 districts would see their aid increase. Another 200 would see a drop. Only 12 would stay flat with their 2018-2019 funding.

In an appearance on New Jersey 101.5 Thursday night, Senate President Steve Sweeney noted several points in Murphy's budget he objects to, though sounding a agreeable tone as the legislature and governor enter what are likely to be months of negotiations. Still, he said, he liked what Murphy had proposed for schools.

​ said Murphy called the school funding proposal "real progress" in a press conference Friday -- with more than 100 districts set for at least a 10 percent increase in state aid.

Lakewood would be the biggest beneficiary of the proposed budget, relatively seeking, standing to get another $14 million in state aid. That district has struggled with class sizes and program cuts for years.'

Jersey City would lose $27.2 million in state aid. See how your district would do with the list below.

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