When I first heard about this strange phenomenon called a 3D printer and what it could do, I could not wrap my mind around it.

They are nothing short of a miracle. 

These printers can build everything from school projects to prosthetic limbs. Now, they may just solve the affordable housing crisis.

With the cost of lumber going up almost 200% in the COVID era (not to mention other building materials), plus supply chain issues, building a home is now way more expensive than it should be.  You are all interested in this new technology and the analytics prove it. The 3D printing market will grow by 24% this year making this a 45 billion dollar industry by 2026.

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A website called Hubs.com looked into what we are all searching on Google concerning 3D printers and it turns out we want our 3D homes!

There are 76 thousand searches about 3D homes each month. Why do we want them so badly? We want to be free of living paycheck-to-paycheck and we want more affordable housing.  3D housing is making that possible.  In fact, in the past month developers in Virginia just unveiled a 3 bedroom 3D printed home and they sold it for only $235,000. 

I know what you are thinking, does it look like a “real house”?  It is just as nice as the one I live in right now and I paid almost three times as much. Look how beautiful this home is!

We are not alone, our friends across the pond are searching for 3D homes too, those google searches are up 1233% in the last year alone.  There are people already living in them and loving them.  Back in 2018, a family from France was the first to move into a 3D-printed home back in 2018.  It took only 54 hours to print the house (that sounds so weird), and after that, there were about 4 months of labor involved to complete the property.  It was 20% less expensive than it would be if traditional supplies were used.

There is a town called Pulaski, VA, and they are scheduled to become home to 200 3D printer houses over the next five years.  They will be using a massive 19-ton robotic printer to do the job.  This is so needed in New Jersey.  We are overcharged at every turn, this could be a real answer for us.  Builders are seeing your searches and realizing your interest level, mark my words, Virginia is leading the way with the 3D printer home movement for now, but Jersey will get on board and start churning them out in no time.

Would you live in a 3D-printed house?

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