The Christmas countdown is officially on! There are now less than 17 days to the "big day" and as we get closer the holidays, the pressure and stress of gift giving increases dramatically.

Here's a list of 5 holiday gifts to stay away from this Christmas according to Hopefully this will help you avoid a costly Christmas blunder at work this year!

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    According to, this could really backfire on you especially at work AND especially if you have food (like cookies and candy) all over the office.

    Jaimie Duplass
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    I know we're all guilty of this one, especially me, but alcohol can easily offend and/or it can be consumed rather quickly. Oh boy.

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    Wreaths and Holiday Plants

    Most people are very pick when it comes to plants. You don't want to get the wrong one though and give it as a gift. Also, your gift will only last about 30 days or so.

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    Gift Cards

    These are so easy and predictable, and I know I've been guilty of giving a gift card on more than a few occasion. It also can give the impression that the person your giving to isn't worth the time or effort.