Summertime at the Jersey Shore is ripe for flings and love affairs. Here are five spots near the water to squeeze in some cozy time.

Summer love may not last forever, but it's a fun way to make memories!

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    Ferris Wheel at Steel Pier in Atlantic City

    When a ride goes this slow, it's easy to snuggle. Especially at night underneath the stars.

    Steel Pier AC

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  • 2

    Sunset Beach in Cape May

  • 3

    Blue Hole in Winslow

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    Underneath The Playground in Atlantic City

    The waves crashing into the wooden pillars underneath The Playground pier in Atlantic City are breathtaking and, at twilight, makes for a magical summer moment.

    The Playground is located between Arkansas & Missouri Ave in Atlantic City.

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    Harbor Square Theatre in Stone Harbor

    This particular movie theater off 96th Street is worth the drive because there's a full service bar that allows you to sip on cocktails while you take in a new movie with your date.

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