Are you itching to figure out why mosquitoes love you?

The YouTube channel TechInsider posted this video shedding light on the five things that make mosquitoes bite you more.

  • Heavy Breathing - Sucking in carbon dioxide is like sending an Evite for these little critters to nosh on you.
  • Working Out - Sure, exercising is great for the body, but the lactic acid is as arousing as an old man with no heirs for a golddigger.
  • Drink Beer - well, this is a bummer. A study has found that mosquitoes tend to land you after knocking back a cold one.
  • Blood Type - Let's put it this way. If you wrote on your Tinder profile that you're type O, mosquitoes will swipe right.
  • Pregnant Women - How cruel. Mosquitoes are twice as likely to go vampire on you if you're with child.

The video goes a little more in-depth about why these are such these factors, but suffice to say that if you're a pregnant woman with type O blood, chugging a Bud to catch your breath after a long run on the treadmill, you'd be advised to either stay inside or cover yourself in OFF!

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