This perfectly pleasant weather forecast only has one hiccup: just one day of the coming week with heat, humidity, and thunderstorms.

Here are your weather headlines for Wednesday, August 3, 2016...

Practically Perfect?

Early August is supposed to be "the dog days of summer," the hottest time of the year for New Jersey. But not so this time around, as high pressure will keep temperatures comfortable and humidity manageable for an extended period.

Wednesday morning's low temperatures dipped well into the 60s for most of New Jersey, with scattered 50s in the coolest spots. With a low temperature of 65 degrees (as of 5 a.m.), it is (so far) Newark Airport's coolest morning since July 11.

Wednesday afternoon is looking good too, with mostly sunny skies, dew points in the manageable lower 60s, and high temperatures in the lower 80s for most of the state. With a light wind coming off the ocean, Jersey Shore beaches will be a bit cooler in the 70s.

We'll enjoy a lovely summer evening and overnight once again, with just a hint of coolness in the air. Lows will once again drop well into the 60s, with a few 50s thrown in too.

Thursday will be just as nice as Wednesday, as skies remain sunny and highs return to the lower 80s. Even though Friday gets a bit warmer, with thermometers bumping into the mid 80s, it will still be a nice summer day. Skies will become partly sunny to close out the workweek.

The Hiccup: Saturday

Saturday's forecast gets interesting, driven by an approaching cold front. Ahead of the front, hot and humid air will briefly build in to New Jersey, spiking high temperatures to around the 90 degree mark. As the front draws closer, a round of showers and thunderstorms will pass through New Jersey.

Ugh, I hate rain on the weekend. But at least it won't be nearly as wet as last weekend.

Forecast models currently differ in the timing of this rain, with showers beginning in the northwest corner of the state sometime between 11 p.m. Friday and 8 a.m. Saturday. The rain should be brief in any given location. But the showers and thunderstorms may not exit the Garden State until Saturday night.

Back to Beautiful

While Saturday will be hot and a bit unsettled, Sunday will bring a return to pleasant weather as humidity nosedives once again. In fact, the first half of next week will feature dry air and a dry forecast, with high temperatures in the lower to mid 80s for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (at least).

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