Dale Conover is a Deputy Fire Chief with the Absecon Volunteer Fire Department, where he has honorably served for more than 40 years.

Conover believes that he may be in the process of becoming a cancel culture victim at the hands of the local Absecon City government.

As it stands now, Conover may be suspended, or, possibly even terminated from his decades-long volunteer position for “liking” a Facebook post, where he also placed his own brief comment, “A waste of taxpayer money.”

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Dale Conover photo.
Dale Conover photo.

Dale Conover has provided us with the following written comments:

“I would like to let the Taxpayers of Absecon know what our city leaders are doing to me. Sometime in February on 'Yeah I'm from Absecon (Facebook) Page' I liked a comment Made by William Kerstetter. And then added 'Waste of Taxpayers Money.' This action apparently Triggered the Democratic Powers to be.

I received a phone call by Vol Fire Chief Talley that there was talk from City Leaders to suspend me from the Absecon Volunteer Fire Department.

I explained to him that my comment had nothing to do with me being a Volunteer Firefighter for over 40 years.

And, that we as American Citizens are guaranteed the right of Freedom of Speech.

After Numerous phone calls by Chief (Roy) Talley, because he was put in the middle, he told me that The City Solicitor and Police Chief were recommending a 2 month suspension.

I strongly objected and stated that I wanted it in writing and what rules I had broken. My wife and I cut our stay in Florida short due to the stress and unknown situation of suspension.

We arrived home last week emotionally drained. I was given the letter last night reluctantly from Chief Talley stating that after consultation with the City Solicitor and Police Chief I would be suspended for 30 Days from The Absecon Fire Department.

As stated previously, I have been a Proud Member for over 40 Years, helping The citizens of this Town.

I am deeply concerned about my Freedom of Speech being violated by our City Officials. Political correction is the ultimate poison to freedom.

It sets the terms and never ever in favor of traditional values in Free Speech, Christianity, or Americanism.

Once again, this has nothing to do with The Absecon Volunteer Fire Department. Here is the post which has disappeared from Yeah I am from Absecon.”

Dale Conover photo.
Dale Conover photo.

Dale Conover’s Daughter, Ashley Nicole Conover wrote the following and sent a copy to us:

In case you missed the Absecon City Council Meeting this week.

Some City Officials are trying to suspend my dad Dale Conover and possibly try and remove him of his position Deputy Chief of Absecon Fire Department (volunteer Firefighter) for over 40 years for liking a post on Facebook and then also commenting HIS OPINION " A waste of taxpayer money!" All of which has nothing to do with the Fire Department. Isn't there more important stuff to worry about in Absecon or in the world instead of a Like button.

This is your tax dollars at work folks. Thank you for some of the citizens speaking up and supporting my dad and everyone supporting him that couldn't be there.

I'm truly disgusted with the people who are targeting my father. A hero. All my life he's done nothing but save people, help people, and volunteer his time because that's what he loves to do and you are going to try and take that away from him?

If you think this is okay, look out because you could be next for one of your comments or likes you've submitted,” said Ashley Nicole Conover.

Dale Conover has asked for the opportunity to appear on-air to discuss his situation.

We advised him that we will do an on-air interview in the near future. We are in the process of selecting a day, date, and time.


ADDENDUM: Since originally publishing this story, we have now received a copy (from a confidential source) of the suspension letter from Chief Roy Talley to Deputy Chief Dale Conover.

The letter is written on official City of Absecon Fire Department letterhead.

It reads as follows:

March 4, 2022

Attn: Dale Conover

After consultation with the City Solicitor and the Police Chief, it was determined that a suspension of 30 days was warranted for inappropriate posts on Facebook. I understand you reserve the right to challenge this when you return from vacation.
Roy Talley


SOURCES: Dale Conover and Ashley Nicole Conover.

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