The following blog was written by Tricia Martinez, morning host 93.1 Kiss FM, WPG's sister station in El Paso TX.

I'm not going to talk about today's shooting other than to say my most sincere condolences and prayers go out to the victims and their families. I will not say the shooter's name in my social media postings, nor will I say it on air. I will not be a party to the tragedy porn of posting any photos of him either before, during, or after the shooting.

I am posting this video of a witness because we need to know what our neighbors were suffering in this incident. We can only imagine the terrifying moments they went through.

I don't care about the maggot who did this. I don't care about his reasons for doing this. I don't care about him at all.

This disgusting piece of garbage took my neighborhood and held it hostage. He walked into the Walmart I walk into with my grandkids and parents and shot it up. He killed people. He wounded people. He scared the hell out of people.

This. Is. Not. My. Neighborhood.

We are not a scary place to live. We walk our dogs and our kids around with no thought to our safety because we know we are safe. We don't worry about going to Walmart for groceries. We worry about our kids wanting to clear the shelves of cookies and candy. We don't worry about our Saturday morning behind shattered by gunshots.

This. Is. Not. My. City.

I will never let this person or others like him have my city or my neighborhood. He can burn in hell for the tragedy he caused. I will never apologize for that. I will never care who or what this person is. He turned my neighborhood into a war zone. I will not hate him, because he that is what this kind of thing fosters - hate. I will not hate him because that would put a black mark on my soul and that's what people like this want. They want us to be as dark and hate-filled as they are. I won't do it.

I will do all I can to bring my neighborhood and my city back to normal. Back to knowing we are a safe, loving community. Back to being El Paso, my hometown. I will forget that this filthy person ever stepped foot into our lives. I will not give him another thought. Ever.

My heart goes out to the families and victims of today's tragedy. I will do all I can to help them. I hope you will, too. Please donate blood. That is what is needed now.

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