Some in Government just keep saying that the extraordinary number of dead whales and dolphins is normal.

It’s long past time to admit that it’s anything, but, normal.

An almost countless number … many dozens of dead whales and dolphins have washed-up all over the New Jersey coast during 2023.

We have learned that there was yet another dead dolphin yesterday, Thursday, June 22, 2023.

Save The Dolphins and Whales, New Jersey described it like this:

“An adult female Bottlenose Dolphin was beached alive on Thursday, 6/22 in Wildwood, NJ.”

“Unfortunately by the time rescuers were dispatched and arrived it had died. The dolphin was taken in for a necropsy.”

The race to implement gigantic wind turbines in the beautiful, pristine Atlantic Ocean … at breakneck speed has been astonishing and disturbing to watch unfold.

No matter how much the citizens protest and beg for powerful government figures and entities to slow things down … the faster they keep moving.

An important public session will be held tomorrow, Saturday, June 24, 2023. It will be a virtual public session, so no pre-registration is required.

The public session will be hosted by:

  • Cape May County Commissioner Director Leonard C. Desiderio
  • United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew
  • Michael J. Donohue, Esq., former New Jersey Superior Court Judge and Special Counsel to Cape May County.

Here is a collage of photos, presented by Save The Whales & Dolphins, New Jersey, yesterday.

Save The Whales & Dolphins, NJ via Facebook.
Save The Whales & Dolphins, NJ via Facebook.

It’s time for the powerful government figures, who are ramming this through, against the will of the governed to consider a reasonable moratorium.

This will allow time for thoughtful dialog and proper study to take place.

You can view this Sunday’s public session at:

This Saturday, June 24, 2023 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

The link will be live beginning at 10:00 a.m.

To learn more about this issue, go to

Michael Donohue photo.
Michael Donohue photo.

SOURCES: Save The Whales & Dolphins, NJ & Michael Donohue.

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