This was a truly sweet assignment.

This week, we interviewed a number of residents in Atlantic and Cape May County, New Jersey in search of the best Halloween “Trick or Treat” candies.

We wanted to share the results with plenty of advanced notice before Halloween, which is on Monday, October 31.

Our top 10 list is comprised of those candies that were most often mentioned by our readers.

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The oldest candy that has made our list was first established in the 13th Century. That’s the year 1300, or, more than 700 years ago.

Many of the favorite Halloween, “Trick or Treat” favorites (listed here) date back to the 1800’s and early-to-mid 1900’s.

We currently are living in times, where many longtime establishments are closing forever, for a variety of reasons. Most of which include: a broken supply chain, the exorbitant increase in costs and an inability to attract and retain employees.

It’s one of the most challenging times in American history since the Civil War.

This makes all of these iconic products and their supreme record of longevity … that we’ve outline here all the more impressive in this demanding era.

Let us know what we missed in our list of favorite Halloween “Trick or Treat” candies.

Have a happy and safe upcoming Halloween season. It’s a time of great joy for children and for the adults, who go all out with decorating their homes and welcoming children to their front doors to give them wonderful candy treats … just like the ones that we’ve included in our photo gallery which begins right now (immediately below).


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