With all of the talk about there being no Republican “Red Wave”  election last Tuesday, November 8, 2022 in America … we took a detailed look at Atlantic County, New Jersey results to see how things turned out. We also take a look at Cape May County and Cumberland County, too.

NOTE: Our analysis includes local, County, and State level races. It does not include the non-partisan local Board of Education races.

Our assignment was made easy thanks to great work done by former New Jersey Assemblyman Ken LeFevre, who was also a former Atlantic County Freeholder and Atlantic County Republican Chairman.

LeFevre put together an easy-to-digest document, a graph, which tells the whole story in Atlantic County.

In Atlantic County, there were 45 seats on the General Election ballot, spread out over 23 municipalities.

Out of 45 open seats, Republicans won a whopping 38 of them. When you consider that Hammonton has a second Republican Party of sorts, in the form of an “Independent” Party … the Republican philosophy of governance actually won 40 of the 45 open seats.

Here is the great graphic, created by LeFevre:

Ken LeFevre graphic.
Ken LeFevre graphic.

Democrats only won 5 seats. One County Commissioner position in District 1 and local races in Pleasantville (2 seats), Egg Harbor City (1 seat), and Hamilton Township (1 seat).

The much-publicized national Republican “Red Wave” was a media creation in order to build a false narrative.

However, there was a Republican “Red Wave” in Atlantic County. This wave has been going on for a few years now.

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New Jersey Senator Vince Polistina and Atlantic County Republican Party Chairman Don Purdy have reinvigorated the party with new energy, financial prowess, and commitment to winning.

Additionally, under New Jersey Senator Michael Testa’s leadership in his additional role as Cumberland County Regular Republican Chairman … Cumberland Republicans won the majority of the Board of County Commissioners for the first time in many years.

Testa also led the effort that flipped New Jersey state legislative district 1 back in 2019.

This was the precursor, that helped to prime the political pump for Senator Vince Polistina, R-2, and Senator Ed Durr, R-3 leading legislative sweeps in state legislative Districts 2 and 3.

Prior to the past few years, Democrats held an electoral stranglehold of Districts 1, 2, and 3.

Cape May County Regular Republican Party Chairman Michael Donohue has returned as Chairman and is delivering great results.

Donohue left a lifetime appointment as a New Jersey Superior Court Judge, in order to pursue what he loves to do … as a practicing attorney in the free market, coupled with being the chairman of his County’s Republican Party.

While there may not have been a Republican “Red Wave” nationally … there has been a legitimate Republican “Red Wave” in Atlantic, Cape May, and Cumberland Counties … and, you can stretch that to parts of Camden County, too.

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