As everyone races to finish their Christmas presents shopping for 2022, here are some of the New Jersey stores that many of us loved that have closed their doors forever.

Many of these stores had operated for generations and were such a big part of our daily lives.

It makes this such a nostalgic project to put together. Earlier in 2022, we asked our readers, family members, and friends to send us their favorite department stores in New Jersey that were a big part of their lives but, are now closed.

Immediately following this brief narrative, we have put together a photo gallery, each with an informative description of the iconic store.

Whether it was going to your favorite department store for back-to-school clothes and other school essentials …or, for everyday shopping, we all have wonderful memories of these experiences.

My favorite department store growing up in the late 1960s and early 1970s was Two Guys.

We did all of our back-to-school shopping, plus we would also go there for any reason or no reason at all. They seemed to have everything. If they didn’t have it, you didn’t need it.

One of our favorite things about going to Two Guys was the enclosed soft pretzel stand, located right by the front entrance. Now, you can easily buy frozen soft pretzels, place them in the oven or microwave and enjoy them on demand.

Here are a few vintage images from the Two Guys, “The Discount Department Store.” I personally purchased both of these images.

sander2 via eBay
Harry Hurley, TSM
Sander2 via eBay
Harry Hurley, TSM

This Two Guys on-site special event featuring Leonard Nimoy, “Mr. Spock” from Star Trek, came at a time when Star Trek was one of the biggest television programs in America.

Two Guys was actually that “big” and relevant at the time.

Enjoy this walk down memory lane, as directly below, you will see many of the wonderful stores that shipped at for many years that are now closed forever.

Great New Jersey Stores That We Once Loved That Are Now Closed

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