When you think of Christmas, be honest, you think of Cape May right?

Of course, you do!

Cape May made the travelandleisure.com list of the 25 best Christmas towns in America coming in at #21 on the list.

This Jersey Shore town has a strong Victorian streak — it's easily recognized by its quaint architecture — and the holiday season pushes it a little further on the Dickensian scale. The walkable Washington Street Mall gets draped in greenery and festive lights.

This should come as no surprise. Cape May has long been a stop for locals and tourists to visit during the holiday season with shopping along Washington Street, plenty of bed and breakfast stops, pubs, and more!

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While Cape May might not be a surprise entry on this list, Atlantic City might be.

Coming in at #23 is Atlantic City, which is known for a bunch of things, including Monopoly, The Miss America Pageant (formerly), the casinos, the beaches, and the 5.5-mile boardwalk, the longest in the world.

And now, you can add Christmas to that list.

A casino and boardwalk don't exactly conjure images of plum puddings and carolers, yet travelers appreciate Atlantic City's wild weekend spirit and vivid people-watching around the holidays. Festivities this year include the Tree Lighting and Holiday Musical Light Show at The Quarter at Tropicana. Plus, don't miss the Atlantic City Bazaar at the Noyes Arts Garage of Stockton University.

Atlantic City offers plenty of shopping, restaurants, and hotels, and is easily accessible from all over the east coast.

Other towns that made the list if your thinking about visiting?

The top spot went to Aspen, CO.

A couple of places that are within driving distance include Newport, RI, at #14; Annapolis, MD, at #15; and Portsmouth, NH at #20.

You can jump on a place to a few spots, like, Orlando, Vail, Nantucket, Myrtle Beach, and Laguna Beach.

Or you can stay right here and visit Cape May and Atlantic City!

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