Cops in Atlantic City say three people, none of which are from the immediate area, were arrested on Tuesday after they lit fireworks on the hood of a police car.

A press release from the ACPD says at around 1:30 Tuesday afternoon, officers responded to the front of the Public Safety Building after an officer observed an explosion and smoke coming from an Atlantic City police car.

Police say,

A Honda Accord pulled up to the parked, unoccupied police car and placed a can of fireworks on the hood. The police car sustained damage after the fireworks detonated. Surveillance Center personnel were able to quickly obtain a description of the suspect vehicle. As officers were searching, a report was received of a Honda Accord setting off fireworks at Michigan and Arctic Avenues.

Officers were able to locate the vehicle and three people were arrested and "numerous cans of fireworks" were recovered.

20-year-old Aisha Wimbish of Mt. Laurel was charged with criminal attempt, conspiracy, and disorderly conduct.

23-year-old Naderiyah Levi of Darby, PA, was charged with criminal attempt and disorderly conduct.

35-year-old Elton Paynter of Philadelphia was charged with contempt of court.

All three were released with a future court date.

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