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In a major breaking news report, we have confirmed that Atlantic City Council President George Tibbitt is drafting legislation to end the City’s clean needle exchange program.

Atlantic City Councilman Kaleem Shabazz will co-sponsor the legislation with Tibbitt.

Other Council members are preparing to sign-on to the Tibbitt legislation. It may be heading to a unanimous Council vote ... however, regardless, the votes are in place to pass this legislation.

This program is poised to end at the upcoming June Council meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, June 16, 2021.

Tibbitt has also confirmed to us that he has contacted both The New Jersey Lieutenant Governor and Department of Community Affairs to advise them of his proposed legislation.

This is significant as Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver has been tasked by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy to oversee Atlantic City.

Having their buy-in would basically cinch the ultimate passage of this legislation.

What started out as a clean needle exchange program, to help those dealing with addiction, became a free needle program, with no exchanges.

“The residents of Atlantic City have had enough ... seeing dirty needles just dropped on the ground all over the city,” said Tibbitt.

“This must come to an end. That end is now,” said Tibbitt.


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