Some people try to steal from the Atlantic City Expressway by not paying tolls.

Other people are apparently a little more brazen and directly steal money other people were using to pay tolls.

New Jersey State Police has announced, that, in conjunction with the South Jersey Transportation Authority, they've arrested two people for stealing toll money from the Atlantic CIty Expressway Exit 5 exit and entrance ramps toll machines.

Angela Freeman-Poles, 54, and Aljah Reaves, 57, both of Atlantic City were arrested for tampering with and stealing toll money.

Here's what the State Police says about the incidents:

During the months of August and September 2016, the South Jersey Transportation Authority, which is the owner/operator of the Atlantic City Expressway and Atlantic City International Airport, alerted AC Expressway detectives about a series of toll basket malfunctions and toll shortages at the Exit 5 entrance and exit ramps.
Detectives reviewed photographs and surveillance footage that captured a man and woman exit a vehicle, modify the toll basket by stuffing it with material to prevent coins from going in, and later return to remove accumulated coins. The suspects also stole coins from the ground at the toll plaza. On October 27 and 28, Freeman‑Poles and Reaves, were arrested and charged with theft. Both suspects were lodged in Atlantic County Jail with bail being set at $35,000 with no 10% option. Members of the Hamilton Township Police Department (Atlantic County) and the Atlantic County Jail assisted with this investigation.

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