Boom goes the dynamite!

According to the agenda provided by Durwood Pinkett Marketing Group, the Atlantic City Democratic Committee is set to address the issue regarding the $10,000 check which was made payable to the Atlantic City Democratic Committee and intercepted by Atlantic City Mayor Frank M. Gilliam Jr.

The committee will hold its monthly meeting at 6PM on Monday, March 5th, 2018 at The Irish Pub (2nd floor), 164 St. James Street in Atlantic City.

As mentioned above, this very important meeting will report the finding of the Ad Hoc Committee and properly address the issue regarding the $10,000 check, as well as changes to the executive board.

It was previously reported by WPG's Harry Hurley, that Atlantic City Democratic Committee Chairperson, Joyce Mollineaux, attempted to “sweep under the rug” the controversy surrounding a $10,000 contribution from the Atlantic County Democratic Committee.

AC Democratic Committee March Agenda

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